Davos in Romania

The town of Breaza is the Romanian clone of the famous town of Davos, thanks to the similar purity of the air, generated by the high concentration of ozone, in an environment rich in negative ions, offering the whole spectrum on which the "Temple of Health" philosophy is based.

The purity of the air at BREAZA, a product of the ozone oxidation process, has captured the interest of researchers to expand their research to explain the link between air purity, longevity and the alleviation of cognitive impairment in elderly people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease.


Breaza, with its richness in ozone and a unique record in AQI (Air Quality Index), becomes the most propitious natural environment to provide researchers with the optimal platform to observe first-hand the peculiarity of this phenomenon, especially from the perspective of Stanford University.

From their recent investigations they have identified the danger of EP2 blocking the activity of microglial cells in controlling and regulating the causes of memory loss in Alzheimer's disease as well as in other neurological pathologies, both degenerative and inflammatory.

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